Coconino World

Coconino World, a universe of illustrations to be discovered on the Web, is a philanthropic project whose mission is to highlight historical and contemporary narrative graphic arts.


The National Center for Scientific Research is a public organization belonging to the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research.

Médecins du Monde

“Médecins du Monde” is a humanitarian international organization that contributes to improving the living conditions and access to healthcare for the world’s most impoverished citizens.

Notes for Notes

The Notes for Notes studios organization aims to raise awareness of musical careers on and off stage and to provide musical instruments and full recording facilities to young people.


An EarFilm is an audio film that fuses live story-telling, 3D sound and a cinematic musical score to unlock the listener’s imagination. EarFilms breathes new life into the tradition of storytelling, turning it into a hyper-real experience.

As a Corporate Citizen


In all of our day-to-day activities, we privilege actions that protect the environment by adopting recommendations for waste disposal and recycling, energy saving, and the use of environmentally friendly vehicles.


We aim to share the benefits of our growth with organizations that share our values.


The ACES organization promotes the practice of tennis to the widest possible audience. They provide financial support to selected projects, whether private or within clubs.

Semaine du Son

The “Semaine du Son” aims to raise awareness of the quality of the sound environment. The association has the ambition to become a center of knowledge, expertise and know-how on sound.


The World Wide Fund for Nature carries out actions to protect the environment by monitoring the implementation of regulations, conducting scientific studies and raising awareness of environmental causes.

Silver Lake Conservatory

The Silver Lake Conservatory organization aims to facilitate the promotion of music in elementary education by offering private music lessons and access to instruments.

Les Restos du Coeur

“Les Restos du Coeur” organizes food aid operations to the most vulnerable populations in France, giving access to free meals and helping people to reintegrate into social and economic life.