Christian Heil
Founder and President

Christian Heil is an unconditional team worker. He surrounds himself with passionate experts to design, create, innovate and produce reference sound systems that are sold throughout the world. Christian founded the first company in 1984 and has left his mark on the professional audio industry with a worldwide technological innovation, the V-DOSC patent, which introduced the concept of Line Source Array. Just a decade later, this concept had already become the universal standard for professional sound reinforcement.


The more the company grows and gains in notoriety, the more it has to develop its structure and make it durable. Wishing to perpetuate his collaborative model, Christian surrounds himself with a team of people who bring complementary skills to consolidate the foundations of an independent, robust and responsible group. This is the genesis of L-Group, founded with the Managing Director of L-Acoustics and several other associates.


Born in Dijon, Eastern France, Christian moved to Paris to study sciences. After his university degree, he obtained a PhD in Particle Physics, from which he retains the spirit and rigor. Enthusiastic and entrepreneur, he is actively involved in multiple areas at the crossroad of science, performing arts and photography, of which he is an avid practitioner.