Christophe Pignon
Senior Research Engineer

Christophe Pignon boasts the longest Research career in L-Acoustics. He is responsible for exploring innovation in the field of sound reinforcement, applying pertinent breakthroughs to L-Acoustics products with the goal of improving the listeners’ experience. He has developed products and applications that adhere to the level of quality L-Acoustics is known for, while also continually reaching for the level of innovation that pushes industry standards ever forward.


Christophe has spent over 20 years in the acoustics industry and was personally responsible for building the first version of L-Acoustics’ Soundvision software. Before joining the group, he began his career with an audio consultancy specializing in bespoke electronic solutions.


Born in Poitiers, Western France, Christophe studied Electronics and Signal Processing, a direct result of having discovered a fascination for the insides of a synthesizer at the age of 12. He lives near Paris and spends his spare time designing products in the field of 3D photography.